Shun’emon Okugawa


I began to pursue my life as a potter at age 15. I met my master,
Chuemon Okugawa (a living National Treasure), at the age of 19.
I have been fascinated with white porcelain (Hakuji) ever since.
That was more than 50 years ago. My entire life has been devoted to reaching the stature of my Master.
No matter how hard I have tried, I have not been able to reach it.

My master said,
「Lip, Shoulder and foot of the ceramic are the key of making white porcelain. Brush up our technique means to improve our skill till we die.」

If one pursues a technique, then one’s expression becomes ordinary, but when one gets too particular about technique it will limit free expression.
The world of pottery is very deep and vast. The Master’s work is still beyond my reach. Yet, I will press on for the rest of my life, trying to reach his stature, improving my own skills and challenging myself to create my own master piece.

Furthermore, I keep my master's instructions, and would like to continue contributing to develop next generations.

History of pottery

1949Born at Arita town in Saga Prefecture.
1964Got into the road of pottery.
1968Studied under my father-in-law, Chuemon, identified as intangible cultural heritage.
1971Selected for the Japan Traditional Art Exhibition for the first time.
1979Independent and established his kiln named as a pottery of Okugawa Shun’emon.
1981Designated as a Japan Art Crafts Association Regular Member
1986Received the 1st Class National Trade Skill Test(hand wheel)
1986Accepted as Traditional Craftsman.
1994Received best skilled worker of Saga.
2000Submitted to the Association of Saga pottery at British Museum.
2001Large blue-white porcelain with flower design is in the collection of British Museum.
2001Assumed the position of Special lecturer about hand wheel at the Saga Prefectural Ceramic School.
2002Commended as a ‘contemporary master craftsman’, who has outstanding technique by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
2004Submitted to the Association of Arita Pottery hold in Germany(Berlin).
2005Received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon.
2010Assumed the position of master lecturer for hand wheel at Saga Prefectural Ceramic School.
2011Submitted to the ARTFAIR 2011 in Shanghai.
2014Submitted to the Heritage Contemporary Japanese Ceramics in New York.
2014Contemporary Japanese Ceramics:
Submitted to the Contemporary Japanese Ceramics :Living National Treasures and Other Masters.
Gourd shaped blue-white porcelain with peony design now displays in the Japanese Embassy.


Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition、Western Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition、Saga Art Exhibition、Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition、Kyusyu-Yamaguchi China and Porcelain Exhibition、Issuikai Ceramics exhibition、Chunichi International Ceramic Art Exhibition、Western Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition、International Ceramic art and won numerous awards

Passion for white Porcelain



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